Financing Mid-Budget Feature Films

Film Financial Services is a 30 year-old finance and investment banking firm co-financing production costs and P&A for Hollywood Studios and independent producers. Film budgets typically range from $10-50 million. P&A budgets range from $5-30 million.

From our own resources, our equity funds, strategic partnerships and outside sources - FFS pulls together elements of financing in a tailor-made structure for each film. We back offers to cast for films we finance and guarantee distribution.

FFS's current focus is on films that are commercial worldwide, including China. For production funding, we currently have several co-venture funds with our main strategic partner - China's second largest media company Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation. Depending on the film, we are providing equity, debt, and services-as-equity. Most films come to us with US studio distribution already in place. We have a new fund which provides equity of 40 percent of the budget for films that have US studio distribution. For P&A funding, we have a partnership with international real estate and media conglomerate DGI. For distribution we work with all major and mini-major Hollywood studios.

Our CEO David Sheldon personally screens all new opportunities. Mr. Sheldon is an expert on current financial structures for film production, co-production, finance and distribution. For 10 years he represented FirstCorp Merchant Bank (a division of South Africa’s largest bank) in their media investments and lending.

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